Hi! Those girls are Danni and Jill - 2 Canadian friends that love to travel to far off (and not so far off!) places.
Together we have traveled to Turkey, Greece, the UK, Barbados, Hawaii, sailed in the Meditteranean and also shared quite a few adventures camping,  road tripping and exporing a little closer to home.

Jill has a pretty good history of travel  (Scotland, Bahamas, most of Western Europe, Hawaii, Mexico), but is always up for more. Of the two of us, she is the least likely to jump off a cliff into the Aegean, unless Danni is there to pep talk her into it! She loves Europe, not only for the fact that she can eat the bread there! (gluten-free eating is essential back home in Canada, but high quality European flour doesn't bother her at all). She also loves the sun (she's a ginger, so forgive her for thinking that a solid mass of freckles constitutes a tan!) and bobbing in the ocean.

Danni has only started to travel in the last few years (still paying off those student loans has hindered her a bit!) but her passion for getting out and seeing the world is just as strong. Of the two, she is probably the driving force behind this blog, the one more likely to master a few key phrases in a new language, and her snoring is the reason Jill never leaves home without earplugs (sorry JB!). She also apologizes in advance for her undying love of parenthesis!

Tired of all work and no play, we started our own food safety consulting company in 2009  with the hopes of enjoying the perks of working for ourselves and funding our future exploits. Some of our longer term travel goals include a possible RTW in the next few years, as well as learning to sail and taking to the seas. Until then, the focus is on saving some money while still taking off on some shorter excursions in between. Here is where we will share some of our adventures, traveling both together and apart.