Thursday, November 6, 2008

Road Trippin' it to the Gem State

That's Idaho, in case you didn't know. Just one of many fun facts my sister has sent to Jill and I in preparation for our road trip extravaganza! We're heading off to Idaho, the meet in the middle point for my mom and I. I'm taking my puppy to live with my mama, who has a dog of her own that could use a playmate.

Now, this isn't a month long Mediterranean sailing trip... its not even a relaxing beach vacation. But when you have had to go on the "possible-no-job-Budget" and are no longer allowed to plan your next vacation.. a road trip to Idaho starts sounding pretty good! Plus, I've never been to Idaho.. and the trip does end with some Vicky Secret and Bath n' Body works shopping (umm.. shopping with a budget...).

We're heading out early tomorrow am with our cooler of snacks, puppy gear and the trusty ipod. We also have our Captain Ray-inspired Canadian road trip music. We'll meet up with the Moo and Kelli in the lovely (I hope?) city of Idaho Falls. Off to find my passport!

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