Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shut up, I have a Season's Pass!

This has been a busy summer for "those girls"! Most recently was a camping adventure on the August long weekend to Cataract Creek. Those girls, minus one, (plus a couple extras!) took the almighty tent trailer (from 1969) out to Kananaskis country.
It took no time at all for 4 people to set up camp (of course due to Karen's military commands) then the eating and drinking began around the bestest campfire ever, thanks to Mountain Dan - King fire poker. We were so thankful for the tent trailer as the nighttime temperatures dipped down to 4 C. And to prevent ourselves from freezing, Danni and Jill realized that their "touching quotient" had to be just right. After a bone chilling breakfast and a trip to Upper Kananaskis Lake (where we narrowly escaped hitting cows, deers, bears and bighorn sheep on the highway), we decided to supervise Mountain Dan in his fly-fishing expedition. His mission was to catch dinner (luckily we had backup just in case!) When Mountain dan returned to the campsite, those girls, had already consumed a large quantity of liquids and appetizers (2 smokies each and were discussing round 3). that night as we were chatting around the campfire, Jen noticed some sort of action in the campsite across from us. She was convinced she saw the neighbor girl go down on the neighbor guy! A few minutes later, we were being entertained by loud sighs and groans coming from their tent. Sure made it hard to sleep that night. We endured another bone chilling night (thank goodness we discovered the touching quotient) however Jen ended up sleeping in her truck due to the fact that her air matress blew a gasket and her tent leaked!
Stay tuned to the next adventures of "those girls"....

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