Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost Vacation...

Alright folks.. it is 6:00 pm. Jill and I are fully packed; everything that can be crammed into our backpacks has been crammed. We managed to fit a pair of pants (Sorry Jan!), although we are wearing them as they wouldn't fit in the bags. And Wonnita, we decided to go with jeans :).
We're currently drinking Stongbow (in anticipation of course!) and eating some toasted tomatoe sandwhiches so that Jill has no veggies to mould in her fridge over the next month. We're off to the airport soon to check into our (hopefully!!!) first-class seats for the loooong flight to London, so we'll keep ya posted of the haps and adventures of Those Girls minus 2 (probably to be referred to as simply Those Girls for simplicity sake from here on out though!) as they occur.
Cheerio old chaps!


  1. Happy trails and have fun!
    What out for the hairy greek men and the tan lines from the coconut bikini top!

  2. Hurray and have fun! Watch the tan lines with the coconut bikini top!