Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One country down, 2 to go!

So first things first, both Danni and Jill are sick! eek! it totally sucks, not like flu sick, but ears, nose and throat sick which makes flying so much more difficult. Looking forward to the flight to Athens today!
So this week while in London, being like real locals, we shopped at Oxford street, had high tea at Wolsely (where we got scolded for taking pics by the director!), met up with our local friend Amy and her 2 Canadian travelling friends Chris and Nick where we cultured ourselves at Spitalfields, went for a pint and then a curry before heading back to the hostel to sleep. By day 5, Danni did not have to look at the tube map anymore becuase she knew exactly where to go at all times, she's so smart!
We were also excited to go to the theatre while in London, and we ended up with tickets to an AMAZING show called Wicked (the story behind the witches on Wizard of Oz!) We highly recommend it to anyone who's travelling or here!

Gotta run, must eat and medicate prior to flight!

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