Monday, September 15, 2008


That is in reference to Danni's feet, not ok. She was an idiot and didn't break in her shoes before walking 8000 miles in one day!

Last night was the first night we got almost a full nights sleep since leaving home, we will guesstimate 7 hours. Yey for us. Dorm room hostel living is not as easy as we anticipated, we don't like to think it's because we are getting old.
Since arriving in jolly old London we have, walked over 500 miles per day, met 3 new people for our Facebook, , reconnected with old friends, seen Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben and House of Parliament, Royal Courts of Justice, Fleet Street, Camden Town, St Paul's Cathedral, Spitalfield's market, many pints of cider and just as many sleeping pills and have NOT eaten Fish and chips from newspaper! In addition to having almost perfected our British accents, we have mastered the Tube! This is a short one, as the internet is expensive and we need to get coffee and on the tube to get our shopping done on Oxford Street and purchase theatre tickets for tonight! Cheerio!

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