Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sailing Detox

Week three on the boat was fabulous. Jill and I found out that we are the only people in Seascape history that booked on for a two week trip and then decided to stay on for a third. Well, that is how we roll I guess... go big or go home! Week three was great because we were in the sailing groove and had perfected all the things that needed to be done on the boat (besides actually steering under sail or anything technical like that!). Skipper John called us part of the crew, and we actually took over the cooking, supply purchasing and teaching of skills to the newbies. We also got to perfect (well Danni at least) the tentative grasp we had on the Turkish language... Danni learned 19 words in one day and Jill still mispronounces thank-you every time she attempts it. This week those girls learned the secret to dealing with Turkish men - if you do not say that you have a boyfriend you will either need to be rescued by your skipper or face being traded for varios farm animals as currency! Jill would also like to report that she has smoked a hookah with two young Australian boys. Two step lessons were also held this week in Bozburan for the boat crew, as led by Danni and one smelly German. Look out ladies who will be attending Rock the Rockies this year, as there is also a new dance routine in store for everyone!

Today is a travel day and we are heading to Istanbul. We are updating from Dalaman, where a very kind Turkish gentleman escorted us to his friend,s ınternet cafe from the bus station. Once we arrıved we had to climb over about 15 Turkish boys to get to our computers... why are they not ın school?? We will be in Istanbul until Sunday so hopefully another update then. We are already planning on the new suitcases we will buy to bring back all of our yummy Turkish goodies!

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  1. Sorry to hear your sailing has finished, sounds like it would be tough to leave that boat behind. But have a blast in Istanbul and hava a safe journey back to Canada. We'll see you soon :)