Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sailıng Addiction... blame it on the drink!

Week two on the boat has come and gone.. if possible it was even better than week one! We have fallen into a sailıng groove where we feel like we know what we are doing. The people on our boat week 2 were also great, Erika ıs an unoffıcial honorary those girl, and Richard had really good boat tunes! Erica will actually be joining us ın Barbados for the those girls reunion next year!This week we left Greece and entered Turkey, which has complicated blog posting wıth the presence of a Turkish keyboard with new letters (forgive all misuses of i wıth the letter ı) and keys ın odd places. İ am actually a little frustrated wıth typing thıs rıght now!

Turkey brought warmer weather, greener scenery, much smaller ports and (completely unexpectedly!), better sailıng! We got to sail 4 out of 5 days thıs past week. Jill and I both agree that the food ın Greece was a lıttle more to our liking however, and thank goodness that Kevin and Pickle from the other boat were able to fillet and de-head our fısh meals for us many a night! We feel we are eating too much bread still with our reduction ın activıty, so will be implementing yet another food strategy of only ordering main courses to share instead of sharing both mezes (appetizers) and mains. This ıs the third food strategy of the trip though, so it may or may not work out for us!
Little change in plans... it was put out to us the possibilıty of stayıng on the boat another week (reverse trip back to Greece) so the universe worked itself out for us and we wıll be continuing to sail for one more week. We will still be goıng to İstanbul at the end of the trip and returning to Canada as planned. We just could not pass up this opportunity to continue sailıng and have made plans with our skipper to be able to reverse park the boat by the end of the week... or at least steer whıle under sail without stressing ourselves out!

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