Sunday, December 7, 2008

Consider the Rockies Rocked

Erika, Jill and I are lounging in my living room, thoroughly exhausted after a fabulous weekend of Rocking the Rockies.

Friday afternoon we picked up Erika from America at the airport - I'm not sure how we managed to recognize her without her bathing suit, but man she looks good in pants! Our neon pink Welcome to Canada sign set the tone for the rest of the weekend.
That night the rest of the girls from across the province arrived for a slumber party. We ate, drank and partied like rock stars - literally! Kate brought her wii and we played some mean rock band and DDR. We are pretty sure that forming an all girls band is definitely in the cards for us, sadly no video will be released at this time.

Saturday morning we were enticed out of bed with coffee and bailey's and off to the mountains in Hannah Montana, Kate's (not so) trusty work mini-van. We were definitely a force to be reckoned with! Once we surreptitiously crammed all our belongings and extra bodies (11 girls!) into our cushy hotel rooms we donned our amazing 80's winter wear (some of us literally had to squeeze ourselves into our suits... tight was in in the 80's right?) Then it was off to the hot springs for an afternoon of relaxing, with plenty of stops for photo opportunities along the way. Our fashion-forward-ness elicted many a double take and even an occasional "Oh gawd!" from fellow Banff tourists. We got our wish for snow! It was a scene right out of a holiday movie as we sat in the hot water surrounded by mountains as fluffy white flakes fell all around us.

Thoroughly relaxed and ready for some food we returned to the hotel to meet the rest of the crew (Danielle, Anita and Denise). First on the list was decorating our Rock the Rockies t-shirts - we needed four hours for the neon puffy paint to dry! I played stylist and assisted the already lovely ladies in hair and makeup for our night out at the bar. We ensured that we were equipped for the evening with gear from our goodie bags - laser lights, glow band bracelets, nail polish, hair accessories and bubbles! The activities for the evening included some scavenger hunt tasks similar to what you might find at a stagette/hen party. This later caused many people to ask if we actually were at a stagette. We got a little tired of explaining and just started saying yes.. hence Jill and Karen became faux bachelorettes for the night! And no Karen, this doesn't mean that you don't have to have a real stagette when Dan decides to make an honest women out of you.

Danielle won the prize for first person to complete all her tasks - before even arriving at the bar she had convinced a man to strip out of his shirt and jacket in the middle of the street, perform a magic trick and serenade her. This definitely laid out a challenge for the rest of us as we had to step up our game in order to compete! Highlights of the nights activities included:

  • Danni and Erika finding cute boys with accents within 5 minutes of arriving at the bar. I got my British accent and Erika got her Aussie!
  • Men fighting with each other over who got to buy us rounds of shots
  • Convincing some guy that Jill and Karen were not actually marrying each other
  • Having Jill and Karen's wedding announced to the bar by the lead singer of the band
  • Discovering Kate passed out in the bathroom after some random girl pulled me aside to say "someone wearing the same shirt as you is locked in a bathroom stall"
  • Danni pimping out Melissa to some guy in return for his underwear. This was NOT her task, just helping out Karen!
  • Melissa sucking face with said underwear guy later in the night
  • Excellent dancing by all girls. Erika getting a Canadian dance lesson from Jen to the "Good Old Hockey Game"
  • Denise getting condoms from strangers
  • Marcia explaining to Danni's British boy that she was only "here for a good time"
  • Jill thinking she was sober all night long and then waking up to realize, ok, maybe not so much
  • Erika doing not one, but three, tequila body shots with her Aussie boy
  • R rated voicemail from British boys played on speakerphone. We were all blushing by the end of it, but also wondering if some of those acts were actually physically possible
  • The fact that 11 girls didn't have to pay for a single drink the entire night at the bar
  • Only having one girl down after having probably 10 different shots each
  • Ensuring that the order taker at the pizza place send us a hot delivery man. Then giving him a lesson on self esteem when he later refused to admit that he was in fact, hot

Sunday morning came a little too early for some of us, but we managed to make it out and about (some earlier than others!). We awoke to a winter wonderland. Erika, Marcia and Karen took advantage of this and went out for a snow fight and snow angels while the rest of us got some beauty sleep-in time. There was time for some sightseeing and waterfall picture taking before heading our tired selves back into the city. Thanks to Kate for navigating the snowy roads back.. even if we did have to get out and push a couple times!

Next year we're going to attempt to make this an even more international event, hope you can make it!

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