Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Desperately seeking snow...

We're counting down to our annual Rock the Rockies event. What is this you ask? Well, this is an event that is sure to be notorious famous in years to come. This is our second annual all-girls weekend to Banff, put on by Jill and I, financed by the best hotel reward program ever (still sticking to the budget!).

The Rewards:

Jill and I travel a lot around the province for work, and whenever we can, we stay at the Delta. Delta has its own rewards program that not only gives us our Aeroplan points (free airfare is essential when you work for less-than-stellar government salaries.... I mean, thanks for the tax dollars everyone!), but also gives you additional Delta points for your number of stays. Once you reach certain levels (gold, platinum) you get CASH on your rewards card to be used for free stays, food at hotel restaurants, etc. This year Jill and I together have $500 in Delta money.
The Event:

Last year we decided that we better do something big in honor of Jill's birthday. So we rounded up the gang and headed off to Banff with nine of our girls. The event was such a success that we're doing it again! Only this year we have twelve girls, and we're celebrating both Jill and Karen's birthdays. This year's activities include: copious amounts of drinking, tobogganing (we're desperately hoping for snow!) in our 80's winter wear, partying at the hotel, scavenger hunt-type activities and a night out at the Banff bar where we will undoubtedly end up on stage with the band, flirting with bearded mountain men or involving the entire dance floor in one of our newly created dance routines. Unlike last year however, I personally am going to try and minimize the number of flights of stairs I fall down and stages I fall off of. I'm also going to try and NOT break my record for number of glasses smashed on a single dance floor (I think it was four in one bar last year...).
The Girls!

This year there are girls coming from all over Alberta (Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and Lethbridge) as well as an international contingent! Erika (yes, that we met sailing in Turkey!) is flying in from North Carolina to play with us!
Sadly Those Girls will be short one vital element - Velvet, an original Those Girl and core member of the all star drinking team, is unable to make it. Our love and thoughts are with you V!

I'll leave you with a couple pictures from last year's fete. Stay tuned...

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