Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not lost

Well hello out there! It has been awhile since our last post; we haven't forgotten about blogging, but we've been busy.. just not so busy traveling! Some of the girls have gone on trips (Karen to Mexico, Erika to Vegas and Velvet spent a month traipsing through Australia) but we haven't been able to beg guest posts from them. Jill and I have had to put travel plans on hold for now. We've alluded to the fact that our job contracts were ending at the end of March (we are both food safety consultants for the provincial government), and have now decided our next course of action. We will be opening our own consulting and auditing business, and are just in the initial stages now. This is requiring that we spend a lot more time close to home and a lot less money is going into the travel purse than the company one right now. So we're still here, and we'll try to update a little more frequently!

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