Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No travel - but still pictures of sun and sand!

Well hello out there. Thought it was time for an update, even though it doesn't involve any travel. Jill and I (Danni) have started our own food safety consulting and auditing company - Food Safety Solutions. This is great for us, but it means that we have had to put our travel plans on hold for the immediate future (the not-so-great part). If it helps, one of our main reasons for starting this new business (besides the whole getting to be our own bosses and work on projects that we will actually enjoy part..) is so that we can take holidays whenever we want! Once we makes a bit of money of course. We are playing things close to home right now though, and keeping a pretty strict budget, which means that we are going to have to get pretty creative when it comes to summer-time low budget fun! We'd love to hear your ideas if you have any!

Blast From the Past -

So remember the tales of how Those Girls first came to be? Our (in)famous trip to Barbados? Well, even though it has been two years since Those Girls graced the sunny shores of the island, we are still loved and remembered. I received an email the other day from Wayne, one of our Bajan friends that we met (and who became our personal chauffeur!) on our trip. He sent some pictures of him, another friend Kenny and some other friends of theirs playing volleyball over the Easter long weekend. As if we needed a reminder of how much we'd love to be there right now! Anyway, I'll share the pictures of warm sunny Barbados (not to mention yummy men playing vball), just in case you need some motivation to get yourself on a plane down there! Its an amazing place, with amazing people. So get there, and then send me pictures after so I can live vicariously through all of you!

Just a note - we've been talking with Erika from America about her coming to visit for the Calgary Stampede (think the debauchery and craziness of Vegas for 10 days in July... with cowboy hats!). We'll keep ya posted!


  1. Vegas, but with cowboy hats?! Count me in!!!

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