Monday, May 16, 2011

Long time... and a test post!

Seeing how annoying it is to type a blog post using only my new mobile keyboard and my iphone, (so far pretty annoying). i am hoping to get used to the slightly smaller size and key configuration of the keyboard. my other big concern is going to be adding pictures to the blog. since i will not be bringing a computer on my upcoming trip to France, i am thinking that the only pictures i will be able to upload are those taken on my phone. i will try to upload one i have on the phone here. if you have other ideas on how to tranfer photos from a camera without actually having a computer, please let me know.
sorry for the boring post, hopefully they will only get better from here! (also sorry for the lack of capital letters - there is a wierd crampy finger action required to hit the shift key so close to the other keys on the smaller keyboard... i will work on it).

ok, seems i cannot actually add photos off the phone. i will look into that.

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