Monday, June 6, 2011

Travel Day!

Hello! Today is the day! I'm packed (almost) and finally finished with the very long list of all of the work items that Needed to get done before I go away for three weeks without my computer.
This ( most likely very short ) post is my first attempt at an email post. I'm going to also try attaching pictures from my phone and see how that works. This is my gear for the trip - one 60 L pack and one day/camera bag. I will be gone for three weeks, so really not that long, but long enough that I had a somewhat difficult time packing. I think I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. I will be in France and Spain, so mostly nice weather but also it has been quite rainy lately and the forecast for the next week looks like rain on quite a few days so I wanted to be prepared for that.
I'm flying from Calgary to Frankfurt today, then to Toulouse after a five hour layover. This is my first trip where I get to fly business class (ever! Yay!) so expect some updates on that. Yes, I will be the lame-o taking pictures in first class.
Other things to possibly stay tuned for: my first time traveling solo stories; what I'm sure will be hilarious attempts at speaking both French and Spanish; and figuring out just how well I did with the packing. And maybe some other stuff about what I did and, of course, eating and drinking.
Bon voyage! (I can say that to myself right?)

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