Friday, June 17, 2011

Parc Guell in Barcelona

We had done little to no research before our arrival in Barcelona, so we weren't quite sure what to do for our first day. I knew that I wanted to go to some of the Gaudi sites in the city, so we decided that since we were staying in the Gracia neighborhood, we would head over to Parc Guell (pronounced gway, not gwell, as I did for a day before finally learning the correct way). The park was originally designed for the aristocracy, but it is now a public park. There is no entrance fee and there are tons of different paths and areas to explore. There are lots of stone structures, as well as some really cool buildings and tile mosaics. If you walk up to some of the higher areas, like the Turo dels Tres Crues (Hill of the Three Crosses), you get a pretty great view of Barcelona. It was a really warm day, so we spent the afternoon wandering around and seeking out different shade patches (I had forgotten my sunscreen, but even shade-seeking didn't stop my white white Canadian skin from burning). We ended our park visit with some (pricey) cervasas.


  1. I was so lucky as to see this firsthand. Barcelona is a wonderful place. Thanks for bringing back some memories!