Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 Reasons It's Great to Travel with Friends

I can travel by myself. I travel by myself all the time for work, and last year I went to France alone for two weeks; my first truly solo vacation. There are a lot of great things about solo travel, but here are some really fantastic things about traveling with friends.

(Note: I know I am behind on Bali posts but seeing as how Rhiannon and Brian have just left me, was feeling this post was appropriate)

1. You can stay out late! When I travel by myself, I usually try to be back to my hostel/hotel by dark so I am not wandering around strange places at night. Or at least you can save money by splitting a cab when you make it back to the hotel in the wee hours!

2. You can eat more dessert. More people = more appetizers and desserts to share and sample.

3. Your back is not as likely to get burnt. Friends can suncreen your back for you! I am way too shy to be asking strangers to apply my suncreen for me - although I guess that might be a good way to meet people??

4. After sun care is easier: If your back DOES get burnt, your friends can put aloe on it for you! And in the case of really good friends (or cousins - thanks Rhiannon!), they can assist you with loofah-ing off the peeling skin from said burn.

5. You can drink more beer! As a solo girl traveler I also think its a bad idea to drink too much in unfamiliar places, so having your friends around means you might get to sample a few more local beverages than you would on your own.

6. You have someone to watch your purse. When you already have to use the sketchy squat toilet while trying not to get your pants soaked, it is really great not to also have to worry about where to put your bags.

7. You do things you would never do on your own. I never would have went white water rafting in Bali on my own, but that was Matt's choice activity for his last day here, and it one of the most fun days I had here. Everyone gravitates to different activities, so your friend's might pick something that you would have missed if you were on your own.

8. You get a better sleep. If I'm traveling by myself I might opt for a hostel dorm if it is the cheapest option, but when I'm traveling with other people a shared room is often the same price but nicer accomodations (and I love a good comfy bed). (Sidenote: If you are traveling with me, YOU may not get a better sleep, since the snore beast may keep you awake at night. MY sleep is usually great though).

9. You can do less work. Split the planning, take turns carrying heavy bags. Even just taking turns on navigating city streets is a nice break for me! Its also a plus to have someone else to blame every once in awhile when you get lost yet again.

10. You have someone to tell 'remember when' stories with! Even though your friends that did not travel with you always ask you how your trip was, they get REALLY tired of hearing about 'that time you got lost in Ubud and had to walk an extra hour home' or 'that creepy guy that made you a carrot rose in Turkey' all the time. Traveling with friends means that you always have someone to talk about your travel stories with (and means that you alienate less of your other friends)!


  1. oh yes, i concur! Love the large drink "glasses"!

    hmm, i was going to say something really poingnant (sp?) but i got distracted with all the above quotes and i forgot already.

    1. Thanks! Haha, I'm sure what you were going to say would have been great!