Friday, February 8, 2013

Interviewing Those Girls

Ok, so this blog is called Those Girls Travel... so I thought I would give you some information about some of Those Girls! If you read this blog (hey Dad! Hi Karen!), then you know the original 'Those Girls': Danni and Jill. On my current SE Asia trip there are a few different faces, so here is a little about about the first one: My cousin Rhiannon!
Rhiannon and I have now traveled together twice: a two week road trip up the west coast of the US last summer, and most recently for a few weeks in Bali. Due to the success of our last few trips, and also the fact that Rhiannon takes even more time to get ready in the morning than I do and makes me look low maintenance, I'm sure that there will be more to come!
Thanks Rhiannon for doing this interview!

1) Tell everyone a litte bit about yourself - where are you from/what do you do/are you a crazy cat lady?
Hello everyone (who are you??) I am Danni's cousin Rhiannon. I am from a small town in the-middle-of-no-where Alberta called Forestburg (AKA- "the Burg"). I am now working in the mental health field in a small city nearby the-middle-of-no-where. Am I a crazy cat lady? ....Well in theory, but not practice. Although if you ask my brother, he would say that I am only one bad relationship away from having 30 cats. (For the record- I currently have zero cats).

2) When did you first fall in love with travel?
I always liked car rides and road trips (probably as a result of living where I did- see above). But I think I fell in love with travel when I went to the Dominican in around 2005-ish.

3) What is the best food / meal you have ever had on your travels?
Truthfully, I haven't travelled a lot, so my responses are limited. I had some delicious crab at The Crab Pot in Seattle, Jerk Chicken in Jamaica, and some awesome sushi in Bali, but I think Crispy Duck in Bali has grown on me most. I had it 3 times while I have been here.

4) Have you ever had a "those girls" moment while traveling? (e.g. Everyone seemed to know who you were, or had heard about something you did before they met you)
I think I have had a "that girl" moment (probably more) while I have been in Bali. It was the day Matt and I visited the Holy Water Temple and opted to bathe in the holy water fountain with the locals. I have never been so aware of my white skin in all my life. We were the only non-local people in the water and the place was packed! I don't speak Balinese, but it was very clear that people were staring, talking about, and laughing at us. Good thing awkwardness is something familiar to me in my daily life!

5) Do you have an embarrassing travel story?
Hmm, the first thing that comes to mind is a wine tasting tour we took with a great lady in California. On a pretty empty stomach the wine had gone down too quickly and even after calling it an early night, the wine decided to come back up - over and over (and over!). It truly defied the laws of gravity :s

6) Tell us about a great travel souvenir you have bought / aquired?
I am really digging my new jewelry that I made in Ubud, Bali at a Silversmith class I took. I enjoyed it so much, I went back a second time. 

7) Is there one thing you never travel without?
I never travel without make-up. Those who have camped with me can attest to this.

8) What is the nicest accommodation you ever stayed in?
The nicest would have to be the Gran Bahia Principe in Jamaica. 

9) How about the worst?
The worst... I think it was called the Western Inn in Utah. It was an on-the-fly selection on our road trip last summer. The lobby was adorned with many fixins right out of the 1970s. Think browns and oranges, flowery patterns, and grandma’s crafts. There was a large wooden cowboy to greet you at the door. And the rooms! Some vintage wood paneling with the old school lamps on the walls above the beds. And to top it off, the brown rug had a sort of hunters' camouflage pattern in it, not naturally, but in patches of various stains. (Some of those could have been from the 70s too!).

10) What's the coolest place you have ever seen the sunset?
In Bali. Although, in the rainy season this is difficult to do, I have seen it set in the layers of clouds and it is still beautiful.

11) What do you do to keep busy on long trips?
Sleep! And my Ipod! Those are the essentials.

12)Do you have any travel vices?
Desserts! I also like rocks, feathers, and shiny stuff.

That's me... . Nice to meet you!


  1. Awesome interview!
    Also, nice pics, are those from the new camera?

  2. awesome interview! are those pics with the new camera?

    1. Thanks!! Yup, all are with the new camera except the last one which Matt took with his waterproof one.

  3. oops don't know what happened there.