Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kangaroo Island

We needed to end the last part of the trip in a colder climate in order to adapt to Canada's coolish spring weather, which meant we headed to Southern Australia, or Kangaroo Island. We had 3 days in total on the island to explore and discover all its greatness! We were scheduled to take a ferry over at 10 am, so we arose early in the am, packed the car, shopped for groceries and liquor and headed to Cape Jervis for 10 am departure.
Norah the Nissan getting off the ferry on Kangaroo Island (KI)
What we noticed very quickly from landing in the Southern Australia area, was how old the buildings are here, there is actual heritage type buildings, so cool from our youthful Calgary / Alberta buildings.
Cool old heritage building in Kingscote
Based on the activities and location of our accommodation (in the northeast end of island), we toured the north end of the island and came across some seals in Kingscote.
Basking in the sun
The funniest part of the tour, was that Todd got shat on by a seagull! Quite entertaining. The temperature was quite a bit different from the previous 6 weeks, and resembled more of a Calgary summer around 22 C, with a cooler wind. After a bit of touring around, we ended up in the farthest northeast corner of Cape Willoughby.Here is some info about Kangaroo Island: 155 km long and 35 km wide, over abundance of wildlife, kangaroo island kangaroos are the only specific type of species on the island, there is more wildlife on the island than people. The island had ALOT of kangaroos, wallaby's, seals, sea lions, echidnas (Todd calls them Enchiladas), deadly snakes and koalas, all in the wild. There was more roadkill on this island than i have ever seen in my life. We stayed at Cape Willoughby, at the lighthouse and specifically the Seymour cottage. This lighthouse was the first lighthouse built on the island in 1852.
Seymour Cottage, built in 1927, farthest on the right
Day two at KI, involved relaxation, lighthouse tour (omg we are so smart about lighthouses, just ask us anything and we will tell you!), and short hike where kangaroo housing area was discovered. Day three included mad dash across the island to see all the highlights like
1. Seal bay
No seals but Australian Sea lions at seal bay
2. Sand boarding at Little Sahara
Todd demonstrating proper sand boarding technique
3. Admirals Arch
Super cool rock formation
4. Remarkable Rocks


  1. I feel like Todd is a walking example of how to break/wreck body parts whilst doing activities! Awesome stuff. Kingscote looks like an unreal place. Thinking of you guys everyday!<3

  2. Yes he is! People like him keep people like you in business!