Saturday, May 3, 2014

More boring vacation tidbits from Australia

We departed the marina on Wed morning and headed via Noni the Nissan, to Cairns (pronounced "Caaans", as Aussies don't say "r"s, so it looks like Cairns, but isn't). About 8 hours later, we arrived at Castaway Beach resort, at Trinity Beach. We took a short walk to the beach and this was our first site:
Gorgeous unobstructed, non-wavy beaches, BUT provided with nets for swimming. Why nets, you ask? Crocs and jellyfish are hazards in the ocean so this is where you have to swim so not to be attacked.
Todd and I decided to stretch our legs and head on a waterfall hike (i'm sure you are not surprised by this plan!) We went to crystal cascades and lake morris. Both were walks thru the rainforest. With all our rainforest treks, i kept smelling this familiar smell that took me back to 1980, but i had a hard time pinpointing this. Finally, i realized that the smell of rainforest is similar to the smell of the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon (my sisters might remember this flora smell if presented the challenge).
Todd walking up rainforest "bitchumen" or "sealed" pathway to crystal cascades
We also decided to drive up a 16 km windy zigzag road to Lake Morris, which was where all the potable water came from for the city of Cairns. It was gorgeous, a lake in the middle of the rainforest at 600 metres above sealevel.
Lake Morris
and here is the city of Cairns. Gorgeous veiw.

Our second day in the area, we thought we would drive around the country side and see what this part of Aus was all about. We took the scenic route up to Kuranda, then down to Atherton, Mallaa Mallaa and back to Trinity beach. The countryside included alot of shitty brush, termite mounds, rainforest and (shockingly) waterfalls galore.
termite mound, about 4 feet tall
here's a water fall
and a cool tree with mushrooms growing out of it

We were quite shocked at the countryside of the upcountry.
All in all, we saw 5 sets of falls and a crater before we made it back home. There is so much to see and do in such a small area.That night we ended up at an "abo" experience dinner and dance, which we thought was going to be just like a hawaiian luau, but this was so much better. The indigenous people have this center in  Cairns where you can learn to play the digerydoo, throw boomerangs and spears, start fires learn to dance, abo style. This was really cool. Look at us!
Day 3 took us out of Trinity Beach, heading north to Port douglas. The higlights of this area include Mossman Gorge (where we swam in the worlds second cleanest water source) and quick access to the GBR (great barrier reef). Today we saw the Gorge, and tomorrow we are headed to the GBR!

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  1. First of al - I didn't know crocs lived in the ocean!, Yes, I remember THAT smell, that termite is cool, but disgusting too! The upcountry reminds me of Maui Upcountry. You are not going to want to come home! You are having too much fun! Sorry I missed your call yesterday!