Monday, April 28, 2014

S4: Sailing, snorkeling, stingrays and sharks

One thing we realized early on about this sailing life, is that it is like groundhog day everyday, which included:

-     - Wake up
- Pull the anchor, go sailing  

-     - Find a new place to set anchor
- Go snorkeling, find a beach 

- Happy hour 

         - Eat

-          - More Drinks

-          - Todd giggling saying “I can’t believe I’m really here!!!!”

-          - Sleep

-         -  Repeat

Some random thoughts on sailing

1. It is generally awesome 
Don’t try to tack while pulling a dingy behind the boat
-      Don’t try to tack with a fishing line behind the boat

-    Apparently you need some speed behind you to make a tack work

-    When you think 5 knots is fast, and then you realize that sucks and 8.4 knots is frickin awesome!

-    When your anchored and your dingy is attached with a new rope and new knot, make sure it doesn’t float away during happy hour.

-    Always shuffle your feet in the sand when pulling your dingy to shore (in case of sharks or stingrays hiding in the sand and you end up screaming like a girl and jumping back onto the dingy!)
Men on sail boats have white butt cheeks 

 -     Play loud music to scare away the Auzzies (they think you are American)

-      Sunscreen is a must
  Keep hydrated  

-     Wear sunglass straps so your shades don’t go overboard
You can modify snorkel gear to help with fixing the prop  

double breathing tube
 Don’t unspool the lines when adjusting the sails

-   Crabs have attitude
Floor / deck towels smell really bad after a couple of days

Bullets blow hard
Pay attention to the tide dammit, rubber dingies are frickin heavy



Oh geez, not another stingray, ocean, sailing, sharks, turtles, dolphins, beaches, coral reefs, angel fish – eehhh, whatever been there done that, old news! (and holy crap, we can’t believe we are really here!)
p.s. sorry about the bad formatting, i cant figure it out 


  1. Cannot believe a) how white that butt is and b) you let Jill post it here!

  2. he didn't let me! i just did it without him knowing.