Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kondalilla falls

Our last day on the Sunshine coast was pretty low key, it was Good Friday after all so we decided on a short hike to Kondalilla fall and a coupla nice lookouts to the Glass Mountains.
you may get the impression from us that we only hike to falls, and generally that’s true as we need some sort of compensation for sweating our asses off
 There were a lot of cool trees and walking track / stairs.

There were a few parts to this hike, the upper falls and lower falls.

The whole circuit was 4.6 km and on the uphill climb we stopped at the upper falls for a wee dippity doo.

Todd jumping from about 25 feet.

 On the way back to the house, we stopped at CairnCross lookout, it was an amazing view.

And a fabulous dinner out at an Italian restaurant ½ a block from the house. We all agreed this was probably one of the best meals we have ever had. Where I proceeded to have the best coffee of my life!

Note: gluten free is quite easy here. There are a lot of choices at pretty much everyplace we go (even had some gluten free meat pies at Beefy’s on the side of the highway!). Also the dairy here is SO FRICKIN’ good (sour cream, milk, cheese, yogurt OMG!). There is no way we will be able to go back home and think of dairy in the same way. Canada’s dairy sucks.

Good bye Sunshine Coast, look out Whitsundays, here we come!

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