Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jules Mooseknuckle

 We headed into the Blue Mountains again on Friday, hoping to see all the cool things we missed the first time around like the Three Sisters, some amazing lookout views, some fabulous short hikes and the general viewing of the blue mountain valley. We awoke at 5, left at 6 and arrived at visitor information at 8:45, where, it was so cloudy and overcast, we found out that our planned day was an epic fail. So we consulted with the information lady and she sent us to the Jenolan Caves. So we drove about 70 minutes along a gorgeous secondary highway, where the last 10km was winding road, just like the road to Hana (those familiar with the Maui road know what i'm talking about). Just before we got there though, we came across this...

We were pretty frickin excited!

The final drive into the caves was just like driving into Radium, but better! We signed up for the 11:30 tour of the Lucas caves. Take a look...

Of course, it wouldn't be a true Donovan adventure without some kind of hike or climb.
and one more

We stopped for a picnic lunch and saw these gorgeous birds.

And then we came home. Got stuck in rush hour traffic.

Some random notes about Sydney: women are very tall here, no one is overweight, the city of 4.5 million can really move people with ferries, buses, trains, bridges, tunnels and we think the city of Calgary needs to take a few pointers from this place. Also, it is very clean for the amount of people that are here.

So you may be wondering why I called this blog post Jules Mooseknuckle, well before we left on this holiday, Todd researched every inch of travel information to plan the trip and itinerary for the rest of us; therefore, we thought it was appropriate to call him the male version of Julie - the Cruise director; hence Jules. And then, last night we went for a fancy dinner where we all had to dress up. So Todd put on his Dockers that he probably hasn't worn in 5 years, and you know, they were a bit tight in all areas surrounding the jewels, hence Mooseknuckle.

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