Sunday, April 13, 2014

Australian Slang

During the last two weeks of virgin Australian travel, we've all been caught off guard with different terminologies that make us go "huh?". So we thought we would share them with you:

- Eski (food/drink cooler)
- Tinny (can of beer)
- Sheila (female)
- Mate (male buddy or pal or friend or random guy on path)
- Mosi (mosquito)
- Spider (coke float)
- Frozen Coke (slurpee)
- Ring (to phone)
- No wash (no wake in reference to boating)
- Bin your butts (cigarette butts in garbage) And people really follow this rule!
- Poundout shop or Smash shop (autobody repair)
- How ya goin;'? and/or How ya comin' along? (both mean how's it going)

And this is the list of slang we've come up with:
- BFRR (big frickin' red roo)
- LFGO (little frickin' grey one)
- BFE (big frickin emu)
- BFT (big frickin tree)
- BFS (big frickin shrimp)

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