Wednesday, June 4, 2008

getting started!

Hi! I'm Danni.. 1/4 of those girls... Those Girls began last year when four girls who had never traveled together took a trip to Barbados and had the time of their lives. They got so famous that they were mistaken for locals and were repeatedly accosted on the street with such conversation starters as "Oh.. you're those girls that...(enter notorious, hilarious or just plain ridiculous story here)!".

So Jill and I (perhaps to be joined by the other half of the foursome later) have decided to blog about our adventures. This year our travels are taking the two of us to England, Greece and Turkey for a month this fall. Since this is a ways off yet, we decided to get our feet wet with some pre-blogging. Perhaps we'll update ya on any summer adventures that we have :)

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