Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meanwhile, back on the boat..

I figured this blog could use a little spicing up, and also that I could use a little practice with posting photos and such. Last year after we went to Barbados, Those Girls wrote up the story of our adventure in a joint effort. The result is a somewhat disjointed, not very flowing, but extremely humorous tale! So I thought I'd post the story of "A day in the life of those girls on their favorite island" for ya'll. We refer to this day as "Boat Day 4" or "Best Boat Day Ever".

May 28, 2007
Back on the boat today. Kickass boat day. Best Boat Day Ever. Before the boat even left the dock, "those girls" demanded that Kenny serve all drinks topless. Kenny and Wayne were our personal bartenders for the day since it was a bank holiday they didn’t have to work. FedEx delivery girls we became that day. The HeatWave boat ran outta rum, so Chris, their skipper, swam to the our boat, the Rubaiyat to get some. Danni’s keen eye saw that it would be very difficult for one guy to swim 3 magnums of rum back to his boat, so she volunteered "those girls". Our payback of course was the best pina coladas ever, made by Sean (the hot Aussie bartender). At some point, Danni decided we needed one for the road. Sean was busy, so Captain Andrew made us pina coladas and we were on our way back to the Rubaiyat. With the pina colodas of course. Chris swam beside us to make sure we didn’t drown with one hand in the air with the drinks.

We then discovered Douglas’ pina colodas when we got back to the Rubaiyat. Had them served to us in the water at the second snorkeling stop. Can’t quite remember but I think Velvet was hoping to "wash glasses" on this day. Then Those Girls got a power boat ride from Kerwin at the Sandy Beach stop. Shit Kerwin was the man that day after we told all his other water sports friends that we only wanted Kerwin! Picking up four girls. I think this is when we finally realized just how brave Danni has now become, she is no longer afraid to talk to ANYONE, let alone say whatever the hells pops into her head!

Boating us up the west coast past the tetra pack inventor and then realizing we needed to get back to the Rubaiyat before it took off, but we stopped at Tiami to get a drink before we got to the Rubaiyat of course, we were parched. We had a grand entrance onto the Rubaiyat. It was fun and this was the best use of the term "those girls". Sooo drunk when we got off the boat. We met "that guy" on the bus (who wanted to party with us but never showed up) and Velvet forgot her towel on the bus, Jill’s had blown off the boat earlier in the day. Karen ran home cuz she had to pee. We stopped at the airc conditioned Shell for salt and vinegar chips. And rum? Perhaps more rum. They don’t have S and V chips, we were sad. Had veggie burgers for supper – last romantic dinner for 4.
Harbor Lights bar that night, Velvets last night. It was all you can drink and for some reason we weren’t thinking you could order doubles and then all of a sudden we did. This caught the eye of Andrew the bartender. While Danni and Jill were off dancing, Velvet caught our attention so we could watch her with Andrew having the notorious topless body shots. Who else was there? Eddie (and Miranda from California), Wayne, Kenny (who was very sad cuz Velvet was with Wayne and not him the night before). When we got there though, Kenny was sitting at the end of the bar with some old sugar momma. I think it really was then that we realized his bling came from her or someone like her. Kenny was all about brushing it off but we knew better. Velvet sat down in the chair at the end of the bar, which became the "sugar momma chair" as some black ice with his hat tied to his pants came to chat her up within seconds of sitting there. Hawaii – 5-0; A group of older white guys thinking they were "all that" with there hula shirts. Turned out to be super creepy, thank god we had the Bajan boys to save us! We danced a bit but the music sucked. And we had to avoid the sketchy drink boys. Oh yeah, Kerwin was there and gave us his MP3 cause we were sick of our music in the condo. Also tried to find out where "the line" was for Danni and Karen. No such luck! Took a cab home and tried to order pizza, but no such things as Pizz@ 73 in Barbados!).

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