Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Those girls 3/4 reunion at Calgary Stampede 2007"

After our unbelievably fun trip to Barbados was over, all 4 of "those girls" went through, what we like to call "PVD" or post vacation distress. We tried numerous times to drink VIP's with bajan fish cakes and special sauce to recreate the island and luckily, we all had each other to reminisce with and share photo's on facebook with. The best of all for Danni and Jill was the "van-dance-party". Since both of them drive the hiway's for a living, they would call each other on the cellphones with bajan music on cd and practice their bootie boot camp moves in their vans! good times, good times! About a month after returning to the real world, those girls 3/4, planned a do-over party reunion at the Calgary Stampede. It was like being at the beach without the ocean. They still had sun, dancing, drinks galore and most of all music and fun!

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  1. Good thing we've got Stampede coming up again soon, since we didn't make it to the island yet this year!